The opening of M3 metro line was in 1976, based on old Soviet constructions. Since, there wasn’t any renovation, it’s operation was a total chaos. The old, rusty trains lit up on weekly basis, there were evacuations, closures. In the last few years, it was an everyday topic in the media, that leaders doesn’t care about people may die while using it. Finally the government decided to modernize it, to meet 21th century needs. The restoration of old M3 metro line started on the 4th of November 2017, and will last for 3 years at least.

Rehabilitation care for children with physical disabilities, who are studying in integration, is held by so called „traveling special educators” in Hungary. They are developing the children’s functional and motor skills considering their individual characteristics. They meet at least two times a week, when teachers work together with children for their brighter future integration. The therapys are usually during PE lessons, separated. As conditions are almost nowhere ideal for the therapys; occasionally they meet in a classroom, in the storeroom or in the library..


Youngsters are collecting paper, during a competition organized by the secondary school in Etyek.

The Budapest Honvéd Football Club hosted the Videoton FC at home, in the final round of Hungarian national championship. The all-year-round underrated Honvéd won the match 1-0 for the Championship title. They get the title for the first time since 1993, 14th time in their history with the leadership of Marco Rossi. Without a new stadium, mostly with self-educated players, fraction of the money compared to the rivals, they deserved the title. After 24 years, the residents of the "Északi-Kanyar" cheered their team up to the champion title.
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