The number of deaths from covid-19 has approached 300 a day in April 2021, and funerals increased by more than 40% compared to the spring of 2020 in Hungary. There were a ban on visit to hospitals due to the pandemic, so the relatives didn't know what happened to their family members in their last days and hours, whether they sent a message or how they passed away.
As the number of deaths were increasing, the pressure was getting bigger on mortuaries job. They went to virus departments and families several times a day without a stop. This is a huge psychological burden even for people who are encounter death on a daily basis. Showing the destructive strength of the pandemic, hospitals needed to rent external refrigerated containers from funeral homes because they ran out of storage space. As Hungarian government banned the media out from hospitals, I tried to show that the people who died from coronavirus are not only statistics, through the work of mortuaries and morticials.

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