Upon graduation, I completed a two-year professional photography school. Although I have mastered a variety of technical skills, I am eager to explore further learning opportunities. Today, I work as a photographer at Képszerkesztőség, a freelancer photo agency in Budapest, specialized in serving media and PR companies, press and online newspapers. 
I have always wanted to be a documentary photographer, so to gain more hands-on experience, I have taken all sorts of projects; inspired by the everyday life of my immediate environment. To further improve my artistic and photography skills, I do a lot of street photography, which I am in love with. Now I don’t go anywhere without my camera, I am always looking for some action to happen. During my career I have worked for several noted mediums in Hungary, like Abcúg, Index and 444, creating stories from social area, mostly about minority issues.

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Call me: +3630/9433938
E-mail me: erdosdenesphoto@gmail.com