My name is Dénes Erdős, I am a photojournalist based in Budapest. 
After graduating at Illyés Art Academy in 2014, I started working as a freelancer assigned by several mediums, and from 2019 I work for Népszava, one of the national daily newspapers in Hungary. 
I am a co-founder and curator of BPSPC, a street photography collective in Budapest.

Open for new ideas, available for assignments!
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- Photographed and edited the book Nagykörút, written by Judit N. Kósa.
- 2nd prize in News Singles category at the 40th Hungarian Press Photo Contest 
Szalay Zoltán Prize for the best photojournalist under 30 at the 40th Hungarian Press Photo Contest
- 2nd prize in Reportage category at the 39th Hungarian Press Photo Contest 
- Participated in VII Academy's Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Seminar
- Exhibition and screening with BPSPC in Budapest
- Published in Fotobook Monthly's #06 issue
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